Re: [xml] MSYS and MINGW: undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
On 08/11/09 19:08, Roumen Petrov wrote:
+#ifndef PIC
+#  define LIBXML_STATIC
 #endif /* ! __XML_LIBXML_H__ */

xsltproc work again.

That should be okay. PIC will have no meaning for MSVC and the user will
still have to define LIBXML_STATIC herself, but that is how it was before.

I never realize this just because I never test static build .
- libtool flag -no-undefined is already added
- libtool flag -avoid-version no (?) => result incompatible dll name
- modification in error.c (?)
- MODULE_EXTENSION=".dll" in for mingw host
- about $(EXEEXT) it will be fixed for cross-build environment when project move to libtool 2.x



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