Re: [xml] Building libxml2 with static iconv.lib on windows

2009/6/20 john blair <mailtome200420032002 yahoo com>:

Thanks for the reply Martin.
I was able to build libxml2. The problem is I think it gets linked with iconv.dll instead of the static 
iconv.lib. The sample program ( when built gives the 
__imp__ errors related to iconv.
I am using visual studio 2005, libxml2-2.6.30, and iconv-1.9.2

That's nowhere near enough detail for me to guess what you're doing
wrong, but here's what works for me given those versions. The attached
batch script is what I did, and the log is the result. Not sure how
good testWriter is at actually seeing if iconv is working, but it
builds and runs for me.


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