[xml] Multithreading + globals.

I am working in an application where there are separate components, in different threads, that don't know about each other but may need different global parmaters set.  I found the blurb about thread safety http://xmlsoft.org/threads.html, but the documentation about globals themselves in a thread situation seems to be lacking or it is so simple I'm missing the how.

Currently a component may do this:
1.  xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue = XML_DETECT_IDS | XML_COMPLETE_ATTRS;
2.  xmlSubstituteEntitiesDefault(1);

With thread support turned on will line 1 and 2 in thread A. not affect the behavior in thread B?  If not, what is the proper way to change the behavior in thread A based on these global value and functions so they do not affect thread B?


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