[xml] Release of libxml2-2.7.3

  I promised it to Rob :-)
So a new release is available on the FTP server:

The main changes are a security fix to limit text nodes to 10MB
sur the HUGE parsing option to override but this should avoid some
possible security problems, a limited element traversal API (without
entities recursions though) and a new parser option to enable pre 2.7
SAX behavior:

+ Build fix:
 - fix build when HTML support is not included.
+ Bug fixes: 
 - avoid memory overflow in gigantic text nodes
 - indentation problem on the writed (Rob Richards)
 - xmlAddChildList pointer problem (Rob Richards and Kevin Milburn)
 - xmlAddChild problem with attribute (Rob Richards and Kris Breuker)
 - avoid a memory leak in an edge case (Daniel Zimmermann)
 - deallocate some pthread data (Alex Ott).
+ Improvements:
 - configure option to avoid rebuilding docs (Adrian Bunk)
 - limit text nodes to 10MB max by default 
 - add element traversal APIs
 - add a parser option to enable pre 2.7 SAX behavior (Rob Richards)
 - add gcc malloc checking (Marcus Meissner)
 - add gcc printf like functions parameters checking (Marcus Meissner).

  Thanks a lot for everybody who helped, especially Rob who was also
very patient :-)


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