Re: [xml] windows debug version

On 07/01/09 11:11, Francesco Argese wrote:
Hi guys,

Ho Francesco,

i'm a new user of libxml2 library. I'm using libxml2 in a Visual
Studio Project regarding Virtual Reality that uses OpenSceneGraph as
primary library to process 3D graphics objects.

I have found libxml2 very simple to use but now i have a problem with
debug version. It compiles well both in release and debug mode but
when i run it in debug mode it told me an heap error, probably due to
the absence of a debug version that mixed with other libraries debug
version create a conflict.

I have searched on the mailing list and i have found only an old post
[1] so i have chosen to post this in order to understand if now there
is somewhere a debug version of the library.

There is no debug version that I know of. However, the binary without
debug symbols should give you no trouble unless you want to step through
libxml2 code. It should in theory be no different to linking to any
other system library for which you have neither the debug information
nor the source.

Your problem is almost certainly rooted in intermixing incompatible
C-runtimes. If you use a precompiled libxml2, try compiling it yourself
using the same compiler and the same runtime as you do in the rest of
your project. If you allready did that, then post the exact details
about the error you are having.


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