[xml] Multiple identical id's -> no validation error.

Hello list.

This is my first post, I hope I'm not making any beginner mistakes.

I'm validating an XML file with a Schema.
This Schema defines some "id" attributes with the type "xs:ID".
If I try to validate an XML file with several identical id's, I don't
get an error from libxml2.
I tried it using the C API and also with the helper program xmllint ->
same thing.
However, if I understand the xml:id resp. the ID thingie correctly,
this should not be valid, id's have to be unique.
I also tried it with 2 online validators and those reported the expected error:
http://www.xmlvalidation.com/ and http://tools.decisionsoft.com/schemaValidate/

Searching the mailing list archives, I found a posting from 2005 where
my question was asked already:
It says: "... sounds like a bug ..."
I didn't find any references to that problem later.

I hope you can clear things up for me.


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