[xml] Unique + Key/Keyref

I am having a hard time finding documentation about what features LibXML
actually supports and what its limitations are.  Here is my issue.

I have a schema (http://abstractgamers.org/xml/iago-report.xsd) that I
am trying to use to validate a particular instance document
(http://abstractgamers.org/xml/iago-report-test.xml).  The Perl bindings
and xmllint both say the document is valid.

xmllint --noout --schema http://abstractgamers.org/xml/iago-report.xsd \

However, there is a duplicate "iagoid" that violates <xs:unique
name="IAGOids"> and <team id="3"> that violates <xs:keyref
name="TeamIDsRef">.  Does LibXML support unique and key/keyrefs in
schemas?  Am I doing something in the instance document that is
incorrect (although my xml editor and other online validators catch the

I sincerely appreciate your time and any assistance you may be able to


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