[xml] SetObjectValue


   I am writing libxml equivalent for NSXML classes. I am struck at
following method implementation:

- (void)setObjectValue:(id)value

Here is the description of the above method:

This method can only be invoked on NSXMLNode objects that may have
content, specifically elements, attributes, namespaces, processing
instructions, text, and DTD-declaration nodes. The given object is
usually a Foundation equivalent to one of the atomic types in the
XQuery data model: NSNumber (integer, decimal, float, double,
Boolean), NSString (string), NSCalendarDate (date), NSData
(base64Binary and hexBinary), NSURL (URI), and NSArray (NMTOKENS,
IDREFS, ENTITIES). However, you can also set the object value to be a
custom value and register a value transformer (that is, an instance of
NSValueTransformer) to convert the object value to an XML string
representation when the node is asked for its string value. Setting a
node's object value removes all existing children, including
processing instructions and comments. Setting an element node's object
value creates a text node as the sole child. When an NSXMLNode object
emits its object-value contents as a string, and it can determine the
type of the value, it ensures that it the string is in a canonical
form as defined by the W3C XML Schema Data Types specification.

Could you please provide some pointers on " How to implement same
Equivalent by using LibXML"?

- Apparao.

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