Re: [xml] XPath 2, XSLT 2

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 10:33:37AM +1100, Steve Ball wrote:
Hi Daniel,

  Hi Steve,

Firstly, thanks for your support and encouragement. As you, and others, 
are aware the development model outlined in my message was not my first 
choice to undertake this work. I completely understand that you must 
point out the risks of this approach.

  okay, thanks for understanding my viewpoint too :-)

I've been developing and managing open source software projects for many 
years (eg. the XSLT Standard Library and others), so I know that it is 
more than just a licence. I also know the value of quality software 
engineering and what it takes to achieve high quality.

  It's not that I have doubts about your value, as I said I think
technically you are doing the right choices so far, but the approach
has some uncertainties I had to point out !

An important aspect of the plan that I am working to is to merge the  
XPath 2/XSLT 2 code back in to the main libraries, for reasons that  
should be obvious. If that were not the case then I'd just fork the code 
and get on with it (I also considered writing an XSLT 2 implementation 
from scratch, but libxml2 has great value that I don't want to lose so I 
quickly dismissed that plan). I'll work with you to make sure that the 
code quality is acceptable - that's the best-case scenario.

  Yes. Just to make 100% sure, if when the code is available, you would
release it under the MIT Licence which is libxml2/libxslt one, right ?

Open Source is not incompatible with commercialism. I take as an example 

  Well you can see where/who I work for, so sure !

what ActiveState does for Perl, Python and Tcl. What I am hoping to do is 
setup something that complements and supports the open source 
libxml2/libxslt project.

  there is many approaches, that is one, another is to just capitalize
the expertise when doing the code and use it to generate the
service/teaching once established, but as I understand you're also
trying to get some funding for the first part, a model I don't know
and with some drawback. But I certainly understand where you're coming
from !

  I wish you the best for this project, try to close the loop as
much as possible on the technical choices so that there is no nasty
surprizes when I get to see the code :-)


Daniel Veillard      | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit
daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine | virtualization library

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