Re: [xml] Alternative documentation for libxml2?

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 04:58:08PM +0000, dhk wrote:
Jeenu V wrote:
Is there any other documentation available for libxml2? Although the
documentation at xmlsoft does list functions and modules available, I feel
it really lacks further information; like what order they should be invoked,
how to use each module etc. Yes, there are examples provided, but given the
amount of modules and functions provided, I feel there's a need for more.
May be this is an inherent drawback of auto-generated documentation.

Almost all searches on the net points back to xmlsoft; are there any books
or elaborated tutorials available?

  there is the simple tutorial, the code examples coming with the source
distribution, and the generated docs people love to hate.

I'd like to see a wiki for libxml2.  That way I, and others, can add to
it as appropriate.  Just an idea.  Thanks

  I did set up a Wiki on 3 years ago IIRC, all it got was
SPAM so I removed it after a year or so :-\
  I also made it really simple to put new examples, asking for
contributions but never got only a few beside mines. Let's face it
people think docs are impotant when they need to get their job done, but
once it's done, well they focuse on something else ... I guess that's
somehow normal.


Maybe we can try it again now that it's becoming more mainstream.

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