Re: [xml] DOM Base URI (xml:base, RFC 2396)

Ah bugger.

Document.baseURI vs Document.documentElement.baseURI

I hereby eat my words.

Thanks for the clarifications.

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 7:40 PM, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:
On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 09:59:30PM +1030, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
 > Hey all,
 > I'm causing trouble for Richard by asking for things like:
 > Basically, what happens in the following scenarios with the baseURI of
 > a document?
 >  1. A document is loaded from a URI (
 >  2. An xhtml document is loaded from a URI  (, but has
 > a <base href=""; />
 >  3. An xml document is loaded from a URI, but has an <Foo
 > xml:base=""; />
 >  4. An xml document is loaded from a URI, which was redirected (GET
 > redirected to
 >  5. An xml document is loaded, and has an xml:base attribute - but
 > it's not on the root element (/Foo/bar[ xml:base])
 > >From what I read of, section 5.1
 > & on, I think it should be:
 > 1.
 > 2.
 > 2a. Unless the implementation understands xhtml / html -

  that's an interpretation on top of the original XML view

 > 3.

  Wrong, the base applies only to the element carrying the xml:base and below.
 If you ask for the *document base* the document node is an ancestor of Foo
 and the answer is still the original URI

 > 4.

  xmlCheckHTTPInput does this, it's called by xmlNewInputFromFile() in libxml2
 it is possible it may be missing in some case, or the PHP I/O architecture
 doesn't do something similar.

 > 5.

  Wrong, same misunderstanding as 3/

 > The current behavior for PHP (using libxml2 2.6.31) isn't that.

  I can't tell for PHP, but at least 2 of your expectations are clearly
 wrong from purely a spec perspective.


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