Re: [xml] DOM Base URI (xml:base, RFC 2396)

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
Hey all,
I'm causing trouble for Richard by asking for things like:

Basically, what happens in the following scenarios with the baseURI of
a document?
 3. An xml document is loaded from a URI, but has an <Foo
xml:base=""; />

>From what I read of, section 5.1
& on, I think it should be:

This is the one that I have issues with. Parsers that are based on the xml:base specs determine the base uri of that case to be If the behavior for determining the base uri of the document entity is really supposed to be determined by an xml:base attribute on the document element, then imo, this is something that needs to be addressed in the xml:base specs and not elsewhere.

The current behavior for PHP (using libxml2 2.6.31) isn't that.
Additionally, there are a number of GRDDL (a W3C TR) tests which
explicitly expose these kinds of behaviour - and the expected test
results marry up to the behaviour outlined above.

See also:
So what you are saying is that currently no parser can be used for these tests. Just checked out latest version of Xerces and they don't follow your expected behavior either.


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