Re: [xml] validating xmld:dsig schema with a large size serial number

On 2008-03-12 10:41, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  If you provide a patch to grow to 5 long and it doesn't look silly
I may apply it to avoid the problem, but really this is a bad case of
misuse affecting implementation.

The standard suggests all but 'minimally conforming' processors should not have a digit limit(*), so simply increasing a fairly arbitrary limit based on one schema seems like a hack rather than a fix.

I suppose a patch that solves it "correctly" by using GMP's types to represent such values (would handle both xs:decimal and xs:integer for arbitrary number of digits) would not be accepted due to the extra library dependency? Although, with GCC now using it, perhaps the threshold for using GMP is lowered somewhat.

(*) So the dsig schema cannot be properly used by 'minimally conforming'
    processors, but I guess that's their (valid) choice to make. They
    probably _should_ have used xs:hexBinary for it, but they didn't.
    Qualifies as 'stupidity', not 'misuse of the standard' IMHO.

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