Re: [xml] xpathEval namespace axis corruption/segfault

Martin (gzlist) wrote:
I attach a simple python script ( that seems to
 reference uninitialised memory, or crash the interpreter.

 I tried the simplest C equivalent I could cook up from the docs
 (attached libxml2_nocrash.c) which behaves itself, perhaps
 the problem's in the python bindings. Could someone with a good
 understanding of the lib can get a better idea of what exactly is


I traced through quite a bit, and was able to isolate where and what
the problem is.  Unfortunately, I can't spend much time on libxml2
for the next couple of weeks, so I have opened a bug
( which describes
how far I got with it.

Perhaps another list member may be able to pursue this?  Python
bindings are always fun to work on....


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