Re: [xml] Timeout of external xslt document request

Hi Joel,

Can you send me your script? It does work, personally just tested it again, so there might be some other issue. This is not a libxml2/libxslt issue, but rather PHP specific, so I would suggest taking this off this mailing list. If you want to keep this on a mailing list, feel free to post your script and issue on the php.xml list.


Joel Dubien wrote:

It sounded all good, but when I tried this out, it doesn't seem to be

Here is my code:


        $aOpts = array(
            "http" => array(
                "timeout" => 5.0
$oContext = stream_context_create($aOpts);
// Transform the document
        $docRenderedPage = $oProcessor->transformToDoc($docParams);

In the xsl I'm doing a <xsl:variable name="bad" select="document('')"/>

And it takes more like 60 seconds to time out.

Any other suggestions?

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Joel Dubien wrote:

I'm using libxslt with php, and I am doing a document call on an rss
feed that is not hosted by my server. I am worried that there maybe a
time when the rss feed is not responding and my site will suffer with
long loading time.

Is there anyway to change the timeout value of that document call? It
currently taking around 60 seconds to timeout, and I would like to
reduce that to 5 seconds.

PHP streams are used to handle I/O, so you have full control over all of

You should read up on stream usage:

as well as how to set the context when working with XML:

xml mailing list, project page
xml gnome org

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