Re: [xml] Temporarily Holding Nodes

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 11:42:38AM +0000, dhk wrote:
What is the best way to temporarily hold nodes off to the side of a 
program for later use?

I'm parsing an xml document to display only some of the data from the 
xml file so the user can edit it.  After that I want to combine the data 
displayed with data that wasn't displayed.  The only think is I'm not 
sure what to do with the nodes of data that weren't displayed while the 
program is being used.

  I'm not sure I understood, it seems to me the approach can't work
for the simple reason that XML document content is context dependant.
Namespaces in scope, entities definition or ID/IDREF are typical examples 
of data from somewhere else in the tree which can affect a subtree.

Should the unused data be held in a separate document, a nodeset, or 
should it be a linked list of nodes?  The document fragments sound like 
it might be something I want, but I don't know what there intended use 
is.  Anyone know?  Whatever it is it should be something that can be 
easily merged.

  I really think everything should be held together, or use something
like XInclude to properly define the subsetting in a standard way,
but you just can't separate data out of the tree and hope to not
loose some informations, and plug them back later.


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