Re: [xml] parent node property

Jagdev ,


Ur XML seems somewhat like………


<Crime> Crime_Value

     <Assault> Assault_Value </Assault>

     <Murder> Murder_Value </Murder >

     <computer_crime> computer_crime _Value </computer_crime >

     <theft>theft_Value </theft >









I guess u r using


(par_node->content)  or xmlNodeGetContent(par_node) which gives the combined string concatenated values of all children of par_node


(xmlNodeGetContent  API in Tree Module says ……….

Read the value of a node, this can be either the text carried directly by this node if it's a TEXT node or the aggregate string of the values carried by this node child's (TEXT and ENTITY_REF). Entity references are substituted



Remember always that TEXT content of a Xml Node is also a Child Node .


Use xmlNodeListGetString() API……….


So  to get only “Crime_Value” content  pass the 1st child of par_node to xmlNodeListGetString() API like this


xmlChar* pszCrimeContent  = xmlNodeListGetString(doc, par_node->children , 1)



Remember also to free the returned string using xmlFree() as it is allocated on heap via xmlNodeListGetString()


xmlChar* pszCrimeContent = NULL;

pszCrimeContent = xmlNodeListGetString(ptrXMLDoc , par_node->children , 1 );

if (pszCrimeContent)


            printf(“Value of <Crime>  = %s”, (const char*) pszCrimeContent);


           pszCrimeContent = NULL;










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Please see below.

From: Jagdev Bhogal
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Dear all


I am trying to build a parent-child array from an xml hierarchy.

So the array is {child value: parent value} eg {assault: crime}, {murder:crime}, {theft:crime} etc

I get the parent of a current node using par_node=cur_node->parent


but instead of giving me the name of the first element, its giving me all of the children as well.


What its giving me:


:0.000000: 0},{assault:

















What I would like:



Is there anyway I can just retrieve  the first name value ie crime?


Thank you for your help.


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