[xml] xmlParseMemory() problem

Xu ,

There can be 3 approaches for sending the XML file / contents thru network

1)      FTP the Xml File

2)      Send the XML as a String Buffer using libxml2 APIs

3)      Send a fixed size buffer which reads the Xml file at Source ( line by line or of a buffer size ) in a Loop till EOF is encountered.

Use  the 3rd Approach if Xml file to send is quite  large.


--------------------     Approach 2       ---------------------

In the 2nd approach  at the Sender 1st get xmlDocPtr of the Xml by using xmlParseFile(const char* filename

Then pass it to the API xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(xmlDocPtr ptrXMLDoc, xmlChar** pmemXmlbuff, int* pnBufSize, int nFormat)

Pass nFormat = 1 to get the Indented representation of the XML string.


Say I have the Buffer & Size Vars as ……..

xmlChar *xmlbuff;

int nBuffersize;

I use the above API like

xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(xmlParseFile(“XMLFileName.xml”), &xmlbuff, &nBuffersize,1)



Sender can then  send this data to the client in 2 steps.

First it sends   the  size of the XML bufer ….. Something like……

char dataBuf[1024];

memset( data,0,sizeof(data) );

sprintf( data,"%d", nBuffersize);

send (SOCKET(Windows) or SD(Unix), (const char*) data , sizeof(data), 0 );


Reciever then collects the size of the XML Buffer


recv(SOCKET(Windows) or SD(Unix), (const char*) data , sizeof(data), 0 );

int nBufSize = atoi(data);

Once he has the size he can do

char* pXmlBuf = new char[nBufSize];


Sender now sends the whole XmlBuffer

if ( nBuffersize > 0 )


            send (SOCKET(Windows) or SD(Unix),(const char*)xmlbuff ,nBuffersize, 0 );



Remember also to free the XML buffer at the sender


Reciever now gather this XML buffer…..

recv(SOCKET(Windows) or SD(Unix), pXmlBuf, sizeof(nBufSize), 0 );


Once Reciever has both he can Parse the In-Memory XML buf  using

xmlParseMemory(pXmlBuf , nBufSize).


--------------------     Approach 3       ---------------------

I guess u r using this approach to send a fix size buffer by reading Xml file at source using File API.

U send it in a loop till EOF is encountered.


In the reciever u r using a loop to recv all data & parsing.

In the 1st call xmlParseMemory() works fine , but in 2nd since Xml Data send is not from start but somewhere from middle so

xmlParseMemory() fails

Alternatively u can keep on appending data to a file & later parse that using xmlParseFile() which works allright.












[xml] xmlParseMemory() problem

  • From: "Xu Xiaogang-a19881" <nickxu motorola com>
  • To: <xml gnome org>
  • Subject: [xml] xmlParseMemory() problem
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 18:12:34 +0800
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Hi Experts,

    I am using xmlParseMemory() to parse the content retrieved from the network, which is not well formatted.

    xmlParseMemory() can work for the first call.

    But if I create a loop to keep parsing the content continuously, this function will return NULL from the second call. If  I save the content to a file, and use xmlParseFile() to parse the contents in the same loop. It can work.  The libxml2 lib I use is libxml2-2.6.30 on Window XP.


    I am not sure whether there is more clean work than xmlFreeDoc() when using xmlParseMemory().







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