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I can't use get anything to properly configure with automake/autoconf on a VxWorks toolchain. I give it a 50/50 chance that its a user (me) error, not necissarily a problem with autotools, but VxWorks isn't a popular target for most people, so I don't think it gets tested often.


I should note, that to compile a hello world type RTP application for vxworks, you would compile with something like:

ccsh -D_SH7750 -m4 -ml -Wl,-EL -D__sh -MD -MP -D_VX_CPU=_VX_SH32 -D_VX_TOOL_FAMILY=gnu -D_VX_TOOL=gnule -mrtp -I/opt/windriver/vxworks-6.4/target/usr/h -I/opt/windriver/vxworks-6.4/target/usr/h/wrn/coreip -c helloworld.c -o helloworld

I don't think autotools is smart enough to figure out all the flags that are required even for the most basic applications.

But it is smart enough to accept specified by user compiler, linker etc:
./configure CC="ccsh -D_SH7750 -m4 -ml ..." LD="...." CPPFLAGS="-D_VX_TOOL_FAMILY=gnu .... -I/op..." --build=i586-pc-linux --host=...???... For the host platform triplet I don't know what can be specified. May be something like <ARCH>-wrs-vxworks, where is <ARCH> is for processor: sh or sh32 or .... :) .

Also you may address cross-compilation issue to libtool mailing list. A quick check show that libtool will not set pic,wl and etc flags.


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