Re: [xml] Question about character encoding support

On Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 05:46:20PM -0400, jwert ilstechnology com wrote:

We are using libxml-2.6.32 on VxWorks 6.4.  It is far from being a posix 
system.  I compiled libxml2 without too many issues, but porting iconv is 
proving to be a lot more difficult.  What options do I have for supporting 
various character encodings when parsing XML?  98% of our customers use 
UTF-8 encoding, but I don't want to limit them if I don't have to.  For 
other parts of our product, I have written my own layer to convert between 
character sets.

What is the default behavior for libxml2 if it doesn't have iconv 

  By default you will have UTF-8 and UTF-16 which are mandatory, and also
the full set of ISO-8859-x (see xmlRegisterCharEncodingHandlersISO8859x
in encoding.c), plus the possibility to connect new handlers at runtime

How did you build on VxWorks ? Does configure work ? If not could you
post some kind of Howto so that others can benefits too ?



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