[xml] LibXml2 Crash in MultiThreaded Windows

All List Members,



Our project has to use a portable Xml Library in both Unix ( many POSIX variants ) & Windows

I designed a C++ Wrapper Reader , Writer classes on LibXml2 based C API..


Everything worked fine ( in single Threaded Windows & Multithreaded UNIX ) & my Wrapper Library ( .Lib Only VS 2005 project in Windows – No Dlls & .a in UNIX ) behaved same in Linux/Solaris & Windows machines , without any code changes.

The client exe was also the same in both UNIX & Windows


My Windows settings were as follows……….


Client ( exe ) -> Wrapper ( .lib ) Statically Link -> Orig LibXml2 (implicit linking to Import Lib – libxml2.lib & libxml2.dll present at Runtime)


Since our project has to read & write Xml files within various threads , it worked perfectly well in UNIX multithreading environment.

But crashed in Windows Multi-threaded environment  ( xmlParse(FileName or Memory API ) )

I used /MT ( Static Link to C Runtime ) throughout in the Wrapper as well as my client ( statically linking to my Wrapper Lib ).


I finally got hold of all the .C source files of LibXml2 & compiled them in VS 2005  as well as old VC6 & changed accordingly all my Wrapper & Client to VS 2005 or VC 6 projects

But the problem remained.


We have to finally build the Wrapper in Xerces C++ API ( as Xerces VC 6 , VC7 , VC8 Solution along with the source is freely available ) , which ran fine in both Unix & Windows multithreaded environment.


My LibXml2 Wrapper was definitely faster as it was in C & I would like to run it in Windows MultiThreaded environment if somebody can help.

I know original LibXml2.dll , iconv.dll & zlib1.dll were all built in the old VC6 Environment.


It would be nice , if a LibXml2 VS 2005 Solution project is provided along with the source code as Xerces guys have done .



( In VS2005 Environment Crash Occurs in msvcr80.dll  in void * __cdecl _malloc_base (size_t size) Line 154 ……..

//  allocate memory block

res = _heap_alloc(size);  )






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