Re: [xml] LoadLibrary needs to be LoadLibraryA

On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 7:58 AM, Roumen Petrov
<bugtrack roumenpetrov info> wrote:

 On 9x LoadLibraryW should trigger error "function is not supported".
 On NT LoadLibraryW on fat system should try to convert  UCS-2LE
 sequence of bytes to 8-bit depending from user locale. If system switch
 to a new but incompatible locale, file(library) cannot be found, more
 since in this case convertion UCS-2LE->new locale will fail.
 The short file name/path may not help to resolve problem since the same
 file/path (at application level) name is stored with different name on
 file system (fat or nfts) and as result short name will differ too.

FAT supports UTF-16 in long filenames - only short names are encoded
in an ANSI codepage.  NT has used UTF-16 (as opposed to UCS-2) since

 What about libxml (only for win32) to define xxxA and xxxW functions always.
 First (xxxA) to use LoadLibraryA and  second xxxW - LoadLibraryW.

 Also for binary compatibility function xxx should exist too and to use
 LoadLibraryA, i.e. to call xxxA.
 The header can define xxx to xxxW if UNICODE is defined otherwise - xxxA.

This would be nice, but is a breaking change.

Cory Nelson

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