Re: [xml] LoadLibrary needs to be LoadLibraryA

Roumen Petrov wrote:
If file system is fatNN can we use LoadLibraryW ?

Yes. Difference between so called unicode and ansi functions is primarily in input/output string parameters.
If file is on network file system how to detect at run time that LoadLibraryW will succeed ?
You detect any problem by checking result value of API call and by calling GetLastError() API.

Like in these two functions

#include <windows.h>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

std::string GetSysMsg(DWORD err) {
std::string result;
if (FormatMessage(
   NULL ))
result = reinterpret_cast<LPSTR>(lpMsgBuf);
LocalFree( lpMsgBuf );
lpMsgBuf = NULL;
return result;

bool CheckLoadLibrary(const std::wstring &filename) {
HMODULE mod = LoadLibraryW(filename.c_str());
bool result = (NULL != mod);
if (!result) {
  DWORD err = GetLastError();
  std::cerr << GetSysMsg(err) << std::endl;
} else {
  mod = NULL;
return result;

And what about OS like 95x ? Did Microsoft Windows 95x support unicode/wchar_t ?
win 9x has very small subset of unicode API implemented and rest are just A versions that accept common char*. To support unicode API on these system it is possible to use MSLU ( There is a reason why it would be convenient to pass windows version of libxml2 to unicode API. All Windows versions from Windows NT are internaly UNICODE, so their native API are with W extension. When you call Ansi API on UNICODE OS it internaly converts common string to unicode and than call's unicode version of API. Since win9x line is basically dead and 64-bit is already with us there is no much reason to keep non-unicode version floating.
"modules located in pathes containing unicode characters" - I cannot understand this.
This basically means LoadLibraryW can load dll's that are located in path that may contain chinese, russian or whatever non-latin characters and this is because it's input parameter is unicode string.

If LoadLibraryA is called with file name in "short format" (microsoft terminology) should expect to succeed ?

If the path is correct it will. That goes for the LoadLibraryW too.
Many questions but well designed OS should care for this transparently to the user.
There is a very good reason why are things as they are on windows. You can find digest version on this url:

Darko Miletic

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