Re: [xml] xmlIO questions

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:12:57AM +0100, François Delyon wrote:

Problem with xmlInputCallbackInitialized.
As far as I understand, xmlInputCallbackInitialized is a static flag  
to detect that the default callbacks have been installed.
And xmlRegisterDefaultInputCallbacks set this flag to 1.
That's OK.
But xmlRegisterInputCallbacks also set this flag to 1, so that I  
register myself a callbaack, the defaults will not be installed.

  Default is to have them initialized in xmlRegisterDefaultInputCallbacks()
which should be called by xmlInitParser() . 

  If you call libxml2 APIs without having called xmlInitParser()
first well you may experience troubles, that's normal. The problem is
not in libxml2 it's because you try to register handlers before having
initialized the library.


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