Re: [xml] Regression tests on MinGW

Jeff Hagen wrote:
I still see the same output if I build it in a directory without a space in it.

I tried using c:\home\administrator\libxml (/home/administrator/libxml in MSYS).

So I don't know how you get sources but if it is for tar archive I think that EOL (end of line) difference between expected and produced result lead to this big output.

I don't know in details MSYS environment.
I guess that /bin/sh is bash and you could add following to ~/.bashrc:
diff() {
 /usr/bin/diff --strip-trailing-cr "$@"
or to enter above in a file by example diff_funk and to process with command:
$ source diff_funk

Next is to test result in build directory:
.libs/xmllint.exe test/att1 | diff result/att1 -

If no output to run the test again.
Expected is to fail on UTF-16 xml test like test/slashdot16.xml, --memory option is not supported by xmllint, on python and module test (I could not remember all).


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