Re: [xml] xmlNodeDump looses data

The bug seems to me rather serious since it can have really bad
consequences for applications that use xmlNodeDump.

  Well apparently that function has been around at least since 2004 since
Bill already fixed a bug there a in Nov 2004. Surprizingly the bug seems
to have gonne unnoticed for years, apparently it's not that easy to trigger
but i will soon push a new release, maybe next week.

Indeed, it is hard to trigger it by accident but it may be much easier to 
exploit it by purpose. Hopefully, it seems much harder to find (even think 
of) any real world application vulnerable to attacks triggering this bug ;-)

Please let me know if you need more information.

  Nahh that was just fine, patch enclosed, thanks a lot,

Thank you and Bill, the fix was really prompt.

-- Petr

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