Re: [xml] Freeing large documents extremely slow

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 10:35:07PM -0500, Edward Z. Yang wrote:
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Over at phpdoc (the PHP Documentation Project), we regularly deal with
very large XML files that occupy approximately 400-500 MB in the RAM.
Lower-end, low RAM systems (the two sample ones we've seen were
single-core, with 256-512 MB physical memory, so they have to use the
swap partition.)

  If you are hitting swap, all bets are off w.r.t. attempting to
guess if it's normal behaviour or not. If you can't reproduce the
delay on a machine which does not swap, then that mean it's a 
matter of memory allocation handling, and basically an OS/libc
level question, not something libxml2 related.

What appears to happen is that the allocation of memory goes reasonably
quickly, but then when the PHP libxml extension attempts to deallocate
the memory with xmlFreeDoc(), the system hangs, and we need to send a
SIGINT to terminate the process.

Any ideas why this may be happening? Also, would this be a bug in the
PHP XML bindings, or libxml itself?

  The only thing i can think of is that the PHP bindings had a bug
leading to trying to xmlFree() a wrong address, and if you have 
memory debug activated, then libxml2 will try to dump the current 
memory list in .memdump . That's the only case i know where freeing
a document ends up taking noticeable time, sometime looking hung.
  I strongly suggest using gdb, attaching to the php process and debugging
what's going on as the proper way to investigate. I can't do that for you
and i can't debug it unless you can reproduce the problem with xmllint,



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