Re: [xml] minor compile warnings

Hi Hannes,
did patch sent in a previous email work for you ?

Please find my comments in quoted text.

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Sat, Feb 09, 2008 at 02:36:22PM +0200, Roumen Petrov wrote:
Unfortunately AM_ICONV from iconv.m4 version AM4(from gettext 0.11 or subsequent) introduce dependency on more lib-xxx.m4 macro files and will change libxml2 configure options(arguments).

  Yeah, that's the kind of thing i'm afraid of, and it's very hard to track
down or guess in advance. Unfortunately this kind of things hits you at
the last moment or when you're trying to compile on a different environment.
Yes, for macro AM_ICONV I check oldes iconv.m4 that I found (with serial AM2)
but subsequent version depend heavy on macros from gettext package.
Those macros don't play well with libtool.
(If I remember well lib-link.m4 must be at least with serial 12 to avoid problems with default library paths if at least one of dependent libraries is outside default
library search path).

If one day libxml2 go international and decide to use gettext system for message translation existing check for iconv can be replaced with macro AM_ICONV.

  Well libxml2 is internationalized, it's not localized, and it's on-purpose.
If you really build an end user application one should catch the error using
the APIs and provide appropriate user feedback, just outputting libxml2 low level errors is in a majority of case not the right thing to do, logging
them for more in-depth analysis is appropriate though. Also i want to minimize
the platform requirement, and even gettext can be a problem for some users.
May be we think about different things. I mean i18n capable application that can be localized (l10n). I don't see where libintl.h is included and where functions like gettext(...) is invoked. I know that libxml2 can work with different charsets (codeset) and can use internal ISO codesets if OS don't support them.

If one day libxml project decide to use localized messages ( as example output from xmllint --help )
I could assist in integration of gettext system into project.
Also *internationalisation and localisation is out of scope of this mail thread.

I agree that this is just warning and may left it as is.

To email is attached file "libxml2-trunk-iconvconst.patch.gz" that mimic check for iconv second argument but without new iconv.m4 complexity.

  Patch looks fine to me, it's self-contained, I could commit this if you
think it's a good idea.



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