[xml] Release of libxml2-2.7.0

 Yes that's the end of the 2.6.x series (2.6.0 was released Oct 20 2003!)
There is a few big changes in the parser in that version which make
it worth bumping the mid version number:
  - the parser is switched to XML-1.0 5th edition, you should not notice
    the change, if it bothers you use the XML_PARSE_OLD10 parser flag
  - the URI parser is updated to RFC 3986, the WebDAV people won't get
    a warning because of their broken namespace name
  - the dictionaries have a new improved hash algorithm
  - there is a new entity non-linear detection algorithm which should
    protect effectively agaisnt billion laughts kind of attacks
  - there is a parser flag XML_PARSE_HUGE to drop hardcoded limits in
    the parser like maximum depth of a document or the entity recursion

So lot of changes available in 2.7.0 as usual at:

 - switch ChangeLog to UTF-8
 - improve mutithreads and xmlParserCleanup docs
Portability fixes:
 - Older Win32 platforms (Rob Richards)
 - MSVC porting fix (Rob Richards)
 - Mac OS X regression tests (Sven Herzberg)
 - non GNUCC builds (Rob Richards)
 - compilation on Haiku (Andreas Fïrber)
Bug fixes:
 - various realloc problems (Ashwin)
 - potential double-free (Ashwin)
 - regexp crash
 - icrash with invalid whitespace facets (Rob Richards)
 - pattern fix when streaming (William Brack)
 - various XML parsing and validation fixes based on the W3C regression tests
 - reader tree skipping function fix (Ashwin)
 - Schemas regexps escaping fix (Volker Grabsch)
 - handling of entity push errors (Ashwin)
 - fix a slowdown when encoder cant serialize characters on output
Code cleanup:
 - compilation fix without the reader
 - without the output (Robert Schwebel)
 - python whitespace (Martin)
 - many space/tabs cleanups
 - serious cleanup of the entity handling code
 - switch parser to XML-1.0 5th edition
 - add parsing flags for old versions
 - switch URI parsing to RFC 3986
 - add xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt (Holger Kaelberer)
 - new hashing functions for dictionnaries (based on Stefan Behnel work)
 - improve handling of misplaced html/head/body in HTML parser
 - better regression test tools and code coverage display
 - better algorithms to detect various versions of the billion laughts attacks
 - make arbitrary parser limits avoidable as a parser option

  thanks to everybody who helped for the release by providing quality
reporti, documentation or patches !


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daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine http://rpmfind.net/
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