[xml] questions about libxml2 xsd:include and xsd:import behavior

After reading http://kontrawize.blogs.com/kontrawize/2007/10/the-trouble-wit.html, I have a couple of questions about how libxml2 handles imports and includes.  I can always run some tests to figure this out for myself, but it would be nice if someone who already knows the answers could share them.


1) The XML Schema standard appears to leave it up to the parser to determine how to resolve importing multiple schemas from the same namespace.  Apparently, some parsers only import the first schema from a given namespace, which could lead to missing definition errors.  What is libxml2’s behavior here?


2) It appears that some xml parsers incorrectly treat multiple relative includes of the same file as being different.  This behavior would cause the same file to be included more than once, causing redefinition errors.  What is libxml2’s behavior here?


Thank you,



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