Re: [xml] Better hash function for dict.c

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Another option I looked at is the 'One-at-a-Time Hash' from , looking at the criterias
and the results it looks like a good hash too, not too expensive and
should work well.

The page says it's pretty good when inlined, which should be doable in
libxml2's case. Plus, you can pass a previous hash as initial hash value,
so incremental hashing will work. And you can avoid strlen() by changing
the for loop into a "while (*c != '\0')" loop (no idea if that's really
faster, C compilers have weird optimisations these days, but I find it
worth mentioning).

I will try to make a patch using this this morning,
if you have a bit of time then, maybe you can rerun your initial tests
with that one, is that possible ?

I can try, sure. Just send me a patch that removes the current hash
function from SVN and adds the new one, and I will find a way to compare
the two.


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