Re: [xml] Better hash function for dict.c

Salut Daniel,

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  - the second one is unfortunately not fixeable as is it comes from the
    key hash definitions themselves:

-#define xmlDictComputeKey(dict, name, len)             \
-    (((dict)->size == MIN_DICT_SIZE) ?                      \
-     xmlDictComputeFastKey(name, len) :             \
-     xmlDictComputeBigKey(name, len, len))          \
-#define xmlDictComputeQKey(dict, prefix, name, len)                       \
-    (((prefix) == NULL) ?                                         \
-      (xmlDictComputeKey(dict, name, len)) :                      \
-      (((dict)->size == MIN_DICT_SIZE) ?                          \
-       xmlDictComputeFastQKey(prefix, name, len) :                \
-                         xmlDictComputeBigKey(name, len, len))))

Hmm, was that in my patch? Out of the top of my head, shouldn't the last line read

    xmlDictComputeBigKey(prefix, -1, xmlDictComputeBigKey(name, len, len))))

or something in that line? This looks like a copy&paste error to me...


    the problem is that basically if you compute the key for a QName
as "a:b" you can get 2 different answers, one if you accessed it using
"a:b" directly and hence xmlDictComputeKey() or if using "a" prefix and
"b" name, given the algorithm the key are not the same, and it is a key
property of the dictionary to always return the same exact pointer for
the same string. This breaks that property.

True, I didn't know about this property. And the 4-byte-at-once property will
really make this very hard to achieve.

A way I see to fix this is to search the string for the first ':' and always
calculate the hash separately for the part before and after the ':', not
including the ':' itself. That should not break hashing namespace URIs either
(AFAIR, at the least the XML namespace gets hashed at some point). Something like

    int len = strlen(s)
    char* prefix_end = strchr(s, ':')
    if (prefix_end)
        h = xmlDictComputeBigKey(s, prefix_end-s,
              xmlDictComputeBigKey(prefix_end+1, len-(prefix_end-s-1),
        h = xmlDictComputeBigKey(s, len, len)

(expect an off-by-1 error somewhere above ;)


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