[xml] accessing Parser-Ctxt in SAX based schema validation


I've got problems using SAX based validation against a xml schema.

I followed the procedure shown in xmllint.c which works fine.

The user-data passed to the sax-handlers must contain the parser-context (for accessing line-numbers). Without validation I did something like this:

xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt;
struct XMLparserState *state;
ctxt->sax = &parser_handler;
state->ctxt = ctxt;
ctxt->userData = state;

Is there an equiv. when using xmlSchemaValidateStream or any other way to access the parser ctxt of the parsed file?:

state->ctxt = ...;
ret = xmlSchemaValidateStream(vctxt, buf, XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE,
   (xmlSAXHandlerPtr) parser_handler, state);

Can someone help me with that?

One more thing concerning the SAX-Version: I was not able to do a validation with a SAX1-handler. According to xmlschemas.c xmlSchemaValidateStream presupposes a SAX2-handler:

* xmlSchemaValidateStream:
* @ctxt:  a schema validation context
* @input:  the input to use for reading the data
* @enc:  an optional encoding information
* @sax:  a SAX handler for the resulting events
* @user_data:  the context to provide to the SAX handler.
* Validate an input based on a flow of SAX event from the parser
* and forward the events to the @sax handler with the provided @user_data
* the user provided @sax handler must be a SAX2 one.
* Returns 0 if the document is schemas valid, a positive error code
*     number otherwise and -1 in case of internal or API error.
xmlSchemaValidateStream(xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr ctxt,
                       xmlParserInputBufferPtr input, xmlCharEncoding enc,
                       xmlSAXHandlerPtr sax, void *user_data)

But xmllint.c seems to work with a SAX1-handler too:

   if (noout) {
       handler = emptySAXHandler;
   } else if (sax1) {
       handler = debugSAXHandler;
   } else {
       handler = debugSAX2Handler;

What's the state here?

Thanks in advance,

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