[xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.32

   A lot of bug fixes had accumulated since the release in january so
a new release was in order:

    New release available as usual at 

* Documentation:
 - returning heap memory to kernel (Wolfram Sang)
 - trying to clarify xmlCleanupParser() use
 - xmlXPathContext improvement (Jack Jansen)
 - improve the *Recover* functions documentation
 - XmlNodeType doc link fix (Martijn Arts)
* Bug fixes:
 - internal subset memory leak (Ashwin)
 - avoid problem with paths starting with // (Petr Sumbera)
 - streaming XSD validation callback patches (Ashwin)
 - fix redirection on port other than 80 (William Brack)
 - SAX2 leak (Ashwin)
 - XInclude fragment of own document (Chris Ryan)
 - regexp bug with '.' (Andrew Tosh)
 - flush the writer at the end of the document (Alfred Mickautsch)
 - output I/O bug fix (William Brack)
 - writer CDATA output after a text node (Alex Khesin)
 - UTF-16 encoding detection (William Brack)
 - fix handling of empty CDATA nodes for Safari team
 - python binding problem with namespace nodes
 - improve HTML parsing (Arnold Hendriks)
 - regexp automata build bug
 - memory leak fix (Vasily Chekalkin)
 - XSD test crash
 - weird system parameter entity parsing problem
 - allow save to file:///X/ windows paths
 - various attribute normalisation problems
 - externalSubsetSplit fix (Ashwin)
 - attribute redefinition in the DTD (Ashwin)
 - fix in char ref parsing check (Alex Khesin)
 - many out of memory handling fixes (Ashwin)
 - XPath out of memory handling fixes (Alvaro Herrera)
 - various realloc problems (Ashwin)
 - UCS4 encoding conversion buffer size (Christian Fruth)
 - problems with EatName functions on memory errors
 - BOM handling in external parsed entities (Mark Rowe)
* Code cleanup:
 - fix build under VS 2008 (David Wimsey)
 - remove useless mutex in xmlDict (Florent Guilian)
 - Mingw32 compilation fix (Carlo Bramini)
 - Win and MacOS EOL cleanups (Florent Guiliani)
 - iconv need a const detection (Roumen Petrov)
 - simplify xmlSetProp (Julien Charbon)
 - cross compilation fixes for Mingw (Roumen Petrov)
 - SCO Openserver build fix (Florent Guiliani)
 - iconv uses const on Win32 (Rob Richards)
 - duplicate code removal (Ashwin)
 - missing malloc test and error reports (Ashwin)
 - VMS makefile fix (Tycho Hilhorst)
* improvements:
 - better plug of schematron in the normal error handling (Tobias Minich)

  thanks a lot to everybody who helped for the release by contributing
with ideas, bug reports or patches !


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Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
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