Re: [xml] Incorrect WFC error returned

>   it is well-formed, libxml2 parses it correctly as demonstrated by xmllint.
>   If you can't reproduce the bug with xmllint, I will have to assume it is
>  a problem in the instance, or in the way you implement your entity resolver
>  (if you use SAX and have troubles with entities handling your are on your own,
>  sorry, life is too short, you decide to not use the suggested interfaces,
>  you debug the problem I warned about, not me, I hope this is clear ;-)

>  So if you can still reproduce the problem with xmllint, provide the
>  data as an attachement to be sure I get the same sequence of bytes.

Crystal Clear!!!!

Actually I was using Sax, and not implementing the getParameter entity callback, so it was returning a null pointer, I just thought that in that case Libxml would resolve the entity rather than returning an error, which was a wrong assumption on my part.



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