[xml] Obtain "Next Child" using tree


I'm currently developing a new software application in labVIEW using
libXML to create new XML files. Implementing the "writer" went
smoothly but now I'm stuck at reading the XML back into memory from
file and stepping through it.

Since I'm writing my code in labVIEW, I can only make some schematic
representation of which functions I'm calling and not past the actual

xmlParseFile (returns me a DocPtr)
xmlDocGetRootElement (returns me a NodePtr)

At this point normal C code would look like this:

cur = cur->xmlChildrenNode;
        while (cur != NULL) {

Unfortunately labVIEW doesn't allow me to do this, I can only do
functions calls. I'm kind of looking for a function "xmlGetNextChild"
(similar to xmlGetLastChild) or a work-around that I can implement in

I thought about switching to the xmlReader but this only a small part
of the solution since I need to edit the my document and be able to go
back and insert data.

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Niels Van Hoef

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