Re: [xml] is there an option to make xml case insensitive?

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 11:24 -0400, ABeylin axsone com wrote:

Iâm aware that xml is case sensitive, but is there a switch to turn
that off?

Of course we can just convert the file into lowercase/uppercase before
setting libxml2 on it, but if thereâs an option, Iâd rather not.

In general it's not possible.  There are languages in which
case conversion is locale-sensitive (eg. French).

And you might turn a valid document into an invalid document,
or one that is not even well-formed, e.g. if a vocabular distinguishes
ID and id attributes on an element.

XML does not allow case insensitivity, as Daniel has mentioned.


Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,
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