[xml] Building LibXML for win32 with MS VC80 and embedded manifest


To embed LibXML in our application I had to rebuild it for debug+VC8, and
with VC8 the compiled .dll needs a .manifest file to run.
(I am aware that a dll built this way will not execute on any system that
does not have WinSxS installed.)

Anyway ... When one uses M$ Visual Studio, normally the manifest is embedded
into the built resource, but the nmake file generated by configure.js does
not do this for msvc.

For anyone who cares, to make VC8 embed the manifest into the .dll, the
Makefile has to be changed as follows:

# Custom step: Adding _VC_MANIFEST_EMBED_DLL - command to embedd manifest
into DLL
if exist $  manifest mt.exe -manifest $  manifest -outputresource:$@;2

After the linker has run: [ for $(BINDIR)\$(XML_SO) and for
$(UTILS_SRCDIR)}.c{$(BINDIR)}.exe ]

# Custom step: 

I have digested this info from:

Maybe this could be implemented into the configure.js file.

Feel free to comment.

best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Martin Trappel

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