[xml] addchild formatting in saved file?

Another simple question.

I am parsing a formatted xml data file (by "formatted" I mean nicely indented etc).

If I change an element value and then save the file back out using

        xmlSaveFormatFile(filename, doc, 1)

It looks the same as the original.

But if I add a child, for example, and use the same xmlSaveFormatFile, the added child is correct but not formatted at all (no indents, no returns).

It's not clear to me from the documentation if the "1" argument in xmlSaveFormatFile is supposed to format it like I expect or not. [as per the docs I did call xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) before the Save call; no change]

Do I need to switch over to the xmlTextWriter API, and stop using xmlSaveFormatFile, to make the file look "correct" when saved back out?

Reason for pursuing this is because the xml data files are small and may very well be hand edited on occasion before being parsed again. I want them to "look nice" and be easy to edit if the parsing code has added a child in the interim.

Stefan Jeglinski

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