[xml] How to skip "<?xml version="1.0"?>" in the output?


How can I skip stringï<?xml version="1.0"?>ïwhen saving xml into file?


xmlDocPtr res;

int err = 0;

res = xsltApplyStylesheet(template, parameter_doc, NULL);

 xsltSaveResultToFile(stdout, res, template);


        if (xmlSaveFormatFile(save_file, res, 0) < 0)


                fprintf(stderr, "I/O error in saving file: %s\n", save_file);

                err = -EIO;



I am using xml to describing user parameters, and by the helping of a XSLT file, the user parameters will be turned into a C code. So, I didn't want <?xml version="1.0"?> appear in the file generated by xmlSaveFormatFile.



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