[xml] ok, moving on.. native Win32 library - MVSC

Compiling for native Win32, using MVSC, The make and install worked just
fine. I assumed 'nmake /f Makefile.mvsc tests' would do the same thing
as 'make tests' under the *nix build. However, the very first test
failed (XPath regression).

## XPath regression tests
Error: ..\test\XPath\docs\chapters ..\test\XPath\tests\chaptersbase
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'for' : return code '0x1'

Have these tests ever been run for the native win32 port?

I'm struggling to get this XML parser to work with Python on an XP
machine, under any configuration (Cygwin or native) - has anyone done
this before?

Also, I generated the Python bindings when building for win32 native.
How do I get the code for the libxml2 Python library? The only download
available is an rpm, which isn't helpful for a native platform,
especially when I can't seem to even install the rpm for Cygwin. There's
got to be a .tar.gz or something along those lines, out there.


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