[xml] Segmentation problem

Hi All,
          Previously there was libxml2-2.5.4 version in my system. After that i upgraded it by using the libxml2-2.6.26 version. (I don;t whether we have to install the inbetween patches. I didn;t installed the pataches). After that i downloaded the example programs and then compiled using the Make file. Here i am sending the code of the make file. And then i am compiling the program( io1.c). It' creating the executable, but when executing it's giving an error saying segmentaion fault. Here in the INCDIR,LIBDIR you can observe "local" folder. As there are two version in my system 2.5.4 version is present in the normal folder and the 2.6.26 version is present in the local folder. that's why i am using that one.I can;t remove the 2.5.4 version since some of the installations are depending on that version. I am using the Red hat linux 9.0.
Please help in me in resolving the "segmentaion fault". I got stuck from there since a week... please..............
#Make file starts here
CFLAGS = -g -O -Wall -I$(INCDIR) `xml2-config --cflags`
LIBS =`xml2-config --libs`


   g++  -shared -o $@  $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)

io1.o : io1.c
   g++ -c $(CFLAGS)  $< -o $@

   -rm -f *.o
   -rm -f io1
#make file ends here

u can find the io1.c file in the below link

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