Re: [xml] Memory leak (__xmlRaiseError)?

Neil Bird wrote:
   Before I trouble bugzilla I'd like to find out whether something I've 
found is a leak or me being daft.

   Looking for memory leaks in my app., I'm seeing error.c's __xmlRaiseError 
apparently leak when it does an xmlCopyError() into local variable 'to' and 
then not free up 'to'.

   This occurs when parse_file() is called on a non-existent file, e.g.

   I've looked in CVS and there doesn't seem to be a diff. between that 
error.c and the copy I have and I can't see a bugzilla entry that relates to 
this specifically.

There was a bug like that which I think was solved in 2.6.27 (?).


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