Re: [xml] Tool to help fill in structures from XML

Hi David,

Does anybody know of a good tool which takes the drudgery out of reading
XML into structures?

FYI - We have a tool that takes an XML Schema, and generates C++ classes with all the marshalling and unmarshalling machinery. For more info, see:

However, my take of your example (below) is slightly different from your descriptive question. If your example is closer to what you want, the Boost library has an object serialization component. You may not get the exact XML that you are looking for, and it might involve a little drudgery, but it might help.



Specifically, what I'd like would be a tool that allows me to describe an
XML grammar (e.g. via RelaxNG) and a structure layout, and then generate
tables or code that would read an XML file and store the incoming elements
into objects in C++.

e.g. given

struct some_struct
  int a;
  int b:4;
  enum {larry,moe,curly} stooge;

<some_struct a="5">
  <stooge which="moe"/>

and give me a filled-in some_struct object. Obviously, there would have to
be some other file which mapped the XML entities into the structure (and
vis-versa) - ideally some XML file which, when chewed upon by the proper
tool, would spit out C++ code and a RelaxNG schema.

Does anybody know of such a tool?
Pete Cordell
Tech-Know-Ware Ltd
for XML to C++ data binding visit

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