Re: [xml] strange transformCtxt free-ing problem

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 02:40:49PM +0000, Nic James Ferrier wrote:
I've got a document loader implemented in python that handles xml or
html documents thus:

  if re.match("^[a-z]+://.*", url):
      cached_file, header = hapi_lib.httputils.url_retrieve(url)
      if header["content-type"] == "text/html":
           doc = parserContext.htmlCtxtReadFile(cached_file, "UTF8", 0)
          # Guess that it's XML
          doc = parserContext.ctxtReadFile(cached_file, "UTF8", 0)

The HTML works fine until I come to free the transformContext that
this is all done within.

When I do I get a glibc error and my process segfaults.

  How do you free it ? And what how is that piece of code related to a
transformContext, I don't see any ?!? A transformation context made from
a document consumes the XSLT document, if you free it it will die when
python reclain the transformation context. But I see no relationship to
HTML or XML parsing of *transformed* document.

The code shown is in the loader.

The loader is set... and then:

- a stylesheet is created, 
- a transformContext is created
- the stylesheet is applied using the transformContext (causing the
  document loader to be called with XML and HTML resources requested) 
- the result is obtained
- the result is serialized to a string
- the result is printed
- the transformContext is freed

and then it segfaults.

It's only the calls to the HTML parsing code that cause the free-ing
of the transformContext to fail.
Nic Ferrier   for all your tapsell ferrier needs

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