Re: [xml] How do I get the encoding of an XML document?

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 11:53:55AM +0200, Jean Jordaan wrote:
Hi there

I'd like to find the encoding of an XML document, as detected by
libxml2, using the Python bindings. From lxml, I can get it like this:

<etree._ElementTree object at 0xb7cc992c>

According to the lxml API docs, lxml gets this information from libxml2 (see )

How do I get at it without depending on lxml? The only way I've been
able to find is using debugDumpDocumentHead, which just prints to

dh = xml.debugDumpDocumentHead(xml)

  Hum, it's a string attached to the xmlDoc, it's available directly in C
but there is no specific API to extract it. As a result the autogenerated
bindings don't seems to have a way to extract the information. Could you
add a bugzilla asking for that functionality, the simplest is probably
to provide a custom accessor function, specifically at the python binding


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