Re: [xml] XMLSchema status?

Hi John,

"John Calcote" <jcalcote novell com> writes:

Can you tell me the status of the XMLSchema library? I wonder how
mature it is at this point. Can it be used to validate a document

I tried to use libxml2 XML Schema validation for the benchmark[1]
but had to disqualify it for now because it could not handle the
schema. The benchmark covers fairly common use-cases (some of them
are not exactly trivial though) and if I remember correctly, libxml2
stumbled on the inheritance by restriction of complex types.

You can also see in the archives of this mailing list that people
regularly discover bugs and missing features in libxml2's XML
Schema implementation.

So my feeling is that if your schemas are restricted to really
basic stuff (i.e., choice, sequence, element, attribute) then
you could probably use it.



Boris Kolpackov
Code Synthesis Tools CC
Open-Source, Cross-Platform C++ XML Data Binding

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