Re: [xml] Python documentation - any help welcome!

Hi Mike:

I've used the libxml2 python bindings a fair bit and this is a good
start on documenting them. There is a bit of a learning curve but I
think that has more to do with learning libxml2 and less with the python
bindings, but that said it's still nice to see python specific

If I had any suggestions it would be to intersperse working python code
examples for common operations in with the explanatory prose. I think a
lot of folks just quickly want to know how to do basic tasks, a sort of
cookbook FAQ. e.g. 

how do I parse a doc and find all foobar elements and return a list of

how do I build complex python objects by parsing an XML doc?

how can I serialize python objects into XML?


The examples can illustrate basic concepts in libxml2.
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