Re: [xml] Possible bug in libxml2?

Hi Daniel,

ÐÑÑÐ Ñ 3:22, Daniel Leidert ÐÐÐÐÑÐ:

I wanted to create a gettext portable object template (.pot) file from
Norman Walsh's "DocBook: The Definitive Guide". Therefor I used:

xml2po -e -o book.pot book.xml

and received a segmentation fault. So I started gdb and got the attached
backtrace. Can any of you say, where the segmentation fault is produced
- in xml2po or libxml2/python-libxml2 - so I can file a bug-report?
xmllint validates the XML source if you fix the <tag> element in
refpages/elements/equation/refentry.xml (should be an sgmltag element).

It's most likely an xml2po bug.  Please file a bug (so it's not lost)
and I'll investigate:


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