Re: [xml] Why does "-" read from stdin?

Michael Day wrote:

Why does xmlReadFile read from stdin if "-" is specified as a filename, 
and is there any way to disable this behaviour?

It's fairly typical behaviour on Unix systems (may even be POSIX, not
sure). And no, there isn't.

It seems that this will create potential bugs wherever a program passes 
a filename to libxml2 without checking it first; if the filename is "-" 
then libxml2 will attempt to read from stdin and the program may block 

Sure - but so would CON under windows, or /dev/stdin, or /dev/ttys7, ...
Reading input in a blocking condition is not a problem for libxml2; it's
up to the users to prevent such cases if it's important for them.
If you're using the library, you could always freopen stdin from
/dev/null (or dup fd 0, not sure if libxml2 uses the stdin FILE*) - that
would prevent libxml2 from blocking if someone passed "-" (but the other
cases listed above would still cause trouble).
Or you could filter user-supplied names and reject "-" and "/dev/*",
which should catch most cases of blocking input.

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